Look at this message going out later this month from the American Cancer Society’s Mid-South Division.  It’s not too late to join in their efforts for this year.  Everything ties up on August 31.  Arkansas is one of the leading states in the nation!  Donate Today!

Cancer affected my life at age 7 when I lost my grandmother after experimental treatment for kidney cancer. It hit me again when I was in middle school and my uncle struggled through a hard battle with prostate cancer. My next personal encounter was in high school when I lost a grandfather after two rounds of prostate cancer. The first day of my senior year of college, I lost a dear friend and long time mentor to a 3 month battle with brain cancer. 5 years later, my best friend’s youngest sister was diagnosed with childhood leukemia at age 14. That was the year I became involved with the American Cancer Society, on the most basic level. I participated in our local Relay for Life event with the hopes of taking a lap in the name of each of these friends and family members that I wanted to honor.

However, my connection with the American Cancer Society changed in 2008 when I attended Relay for Life. I walked into the gym at one of the local colleges and as the National Anthem was being played, I looked to my left and saw five of my co-workers/friends wearing black t-shirts that said “I heart KP”. Those are my initials. I had just walked in from my 3rd chemo treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma. At age 26, that was not on my radar and definitely not the way I had planned to spend a Friday afternoon. But, cancer was now part of my story and I had a journey in front of me to fight through.

But my story is a lucky one. When my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer in 1989, she had over a 90% chance she would not make it. When I was diagnosed in 2008, I had over a 90% chance that I would survive. That is because of the work of the American Cancer Society. I wear a lime green bracelet on my right arm that reads this, “No one Fights ALONE!” This is a battle and a journey that we share.

The American Cancer Society is not just committed to Finding Cures, they are also diligent along the path of helping people Get Well, Stay Well and Fight Back. Your financial donation moves us forward toward all 4 of these goals. Your dollar(s) could be the one that makes the difference. The support you have provided in the past to the organization has been tremendous, and we hope we can count on you again this year. Make a donation today- just click here to easily give. One of the best things about the American Cancer Society is that those in your local community can directly benefit from the donations made to this global organization. One of the chemo drugs I took is also used to treat breast cancer. We all benefit when we all connect together. Researchers, medical professionals, and community reps are taking up forces on the ground. Will you partner with us financially to continue to make a difference?

Give. Serve. Connect.

Keisha Pittman

2011 Hero of Hope

3 yr. Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor