My good buddy Jason Jones is running for City Office – there have been some interesting things going on here in ‘ole Arkadoo and its time to make some changes in city leaders and get some things done…well the things the people want done anyway.

So, we had ourselves a good old fashioned “Meet the Candidate” shin-dig at mi casa. It was so fun. We were all convinced of a couple things:

• we need to get together more

• there are way too many people in my neighborhood that I don’t know

• my backyard is a perfect place for an evening gathering…we need more reasons to get together back there!

It was fun and I loved having the opportunity to support Jason I’m so excited about what November will bring!!!

You know any good party has to have a theme…”Jason Jones, our ticket to Change”
and we had carnival food – popcorn, candy, animal crackers, and mini corn dogs
So fun!
And, BTW, if you are in Arkadelphia, get out and vote for School Board tomorrow  – Sept 21 – we need to be doing our part to make a difference.  Stop complaining and go punch the buttons in the voting booth!