So, I’ve been busy and here’s how:

I mentioned in my previous post about the Heroes of Hope Program.  What I failed to mention was a sign of blessing tagged to it.  Back in the middle of August I received a call from a “228” area code.  I went ahead and answered it for fear that it was something I didn not want to miss and I’m glad I did. I was a sweet lady on the other end of the line with a nice southern twang in her voice.  She proceeded to introduce herself and conduct what I considered a “trial run” interview.  I think she really wanted to see what kind of Southern twang I had in my voice and I’m guessing more importantly, she wanted to see what my communication skills were like. 

It is a little known fact that when I’m on these types of calls, I get up and pace.  I talk loud, I go in the other room from where I am and I pace.  So, while chatting with sweet Stella, I walked into my living room (I was in the middle of a sewing project with music blarring) and just walked back and forth from my window to the dining room.  As our conversation was coming to a close, I looked down at my table and saw this (laying in a pile of fabric I had not touched in two weeks):
I know it seems strange, but to me it was a sign.  Not a sign that I got it, but a sign that if I believe that all God’s promises are true, that He is who He says He is, and that He is in control, then….He is in control.  It was a subtle reminder in the midst of all I was doing that He holds on to His promises.  Simple, but true.  I think I will call it my Noah moment.  You see the ribbon crossed in this manner is a universal sign of HOPE.  It doesnt matter what color it is or whether it is cancer related or not, it is the symbol we use for HOPE and, in that moment when I was interviewing for something I wanted so bad, it was a sign of Enduring Promises. 
I’ve also been a little busy with some re-decorating activities.  I mentioned sewing, here’s what I’ve been up to:
I found a new comforter for my guest room on sale in a “back to school” reject section at Wal-mart.  I loved the colors, but I wanted to add a personal touch.  I think the lady at the Wal-mart fabric counter runs when I show up because I pull out all kinds of stuff and then just stand there and stare at them until they “speak” to me.  I found the charcoal and the silky peach stuff on the $1 table and I just love the black and white flowers to much to walk away from them.  The rest of the stuff I found in my remnants and notions at home.  I must admit the big pillow wasn’t initially intended to look like that, but I mis-measured, well, mis-cut, so I had to modify and adjust…but, now I’m in love.  Sometime, I impress myself! 🙂
During my week of “updating” , I re-painted my bathroom as well. I found this shower curtain when I was with Mom at Burlington one day and decided kiwi green was going to be my accent (I was afterall still using the towels I went to college with!). So, My friend Kate helped me pick out paint colors and now my “Jasper” bathroom feels like a Tiffany Box greeting me every morning! I’m in love!
These little babies came from Big Lots on one of my recent trips to Tyler – how perfect and $5 for the set
And this, I felt so proud of.  I found the fabric at Wal-mart – $1 bin and it matched almost perfectly.  I thought the white piping just made it “pop” it was much better than the dusty thing I was using before (but super grateful for b/c the folks before me, left it behind!