Monday, we took advantage of the holiday and celebrated my sister’s birthday…the big 25. I know…such a young little pup… Anyway, we had so much fun in the West End in Dallas. We went to the Bodies Exhibit…I was really excited about it, kinda nervous that it might get a little too personal, but so good and, I feel like I learned a lot. The bodies are all unclaimed from the Chinese government. Not typically the most “muscular”, but it was really neat to see all the systems (nervous, bone, muscular) together and separate. They even had an example of what Hodgkin’s Disease looked like. It was the lymph system from the tongue down through the upper parts of the digestive system and you could see all the infected lymph nodes around the throat. Really cool after every thing I’ve been through to see that from the inside. They also had a set of lungs that had been exposed to lots of smoking and compared it with healthy lungs, definitely made you want to leave the Marlboro’s behind (not that I brought any with me). They also had a section in the back about the development of the fetus that was really powerful. It started at the 5 month stage and went in week sequence of development. Anyone who is for abortion should have to look at that. It really puts things in perspective for you. That was a really cool exhibit.

Later, we walked around downtown and then had lunch at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse. That place never disappoints, although the same nostalgia of sitting in the trolley when I was younger was completely gone because it was about 90 degrees in there!

We ended the day (well, our excursion) at the Highland Park Pharmacy. So fun…I’ve heard about their fountain drinks, but never been. We split a Orange freezee (tasted like a creamy Flintstones Push-up) and a chocolate shake. You just don’t know what you are missing.

Such a fun day and the partyin will continue all week!