A couple things to plan for before you leave on your photo day extravaganza:
Pack your lunch and a few extra snacks, you never know how long you are going to be out there and
we dont have time to stop and eat! And, pack a couple extra bottles of water, especially if you plan to get out of your car and walk anywhere for “the perfect shot”…although that didnt work out too well…
(plus eating lunch out of this just makes the day more fun!!)
Oh and take your make up and a few extra bobby pins, especially if you have plans later…the wind blown look is only appreciated by your grandmother!
make sure and take your boyfriend with you…good tunes are essential
ahead and turn the GPS on even if you know where you are going. It will take too long to “Acquire a satellite” if you are stranded in the boonies. If you don’t get cell phone service, you probably won’t get GPS service very quickly.
roll the window down…its a a beautiful day..enjoy the ride, but be prepared to wipe pollen off everything…but it’s worth it!
call your mom so someone knows where you are…in case anyone cares
and if your gas gauge looks like this, its probably a safe assumption to stop and get gas before you leave town.