So, last weekend, I had enough…you see about a month ago, I was craving homemade donuts after talking to my mom and then seeing Pioneer Woman make some (although mine were not as good as her fully homemade ones looked).  So, I did it.  I save my Saturday calories for dinner:

Which involved a few of my favorite ingredients…
The dough (only use the cheap kind)…
And, I mixed up some icing (I love to use leftovers to make up new concoctions)….
And then some of this (hey, I used Canola, not vegetable!)
poured into this
The dipping station is ready (in case you are wondering..the mixture in the orange bowl had to be remade, I thought mixing in some canned icing would be a a good idea…not that it was bad, but stick to the ole water and powdered sugar for the glaze..remember a little water goes a long way…the cow pattie looking mixture on the left was also replaced with just plain Nutella…I love that stuff and it served perfect for a chocolate glaze!)
Then the magic began….
Yeah, I tried not to think about this….
A plate full of the finished product….
Which made my face look like this….. (the holes are my favorite part.  Next time, I may just cut them all this size)
And, to set the record straitght, I’m fully aware that this goes against my “eat better” and “no processed foods” regiment I spoke of earlier this month…but sometimes you’ve got to live a little! 
Life it entirely too short not to eat donuts!  Plus, this was one of my favorite things we did growing up…My mom was much nicer than I have a feeling I’ll be…we would dirty up pretty much every bowl in the kitchen with different things to dip our donuts in and she would just clean it all up…I would venture to say I probably had the neatest and cleanest counters through this process…can we say A.R.?