I know you thought by that title that I had broken down and gone to see Avatar.  Not yet.  I kinda want to b/c of all the hype, but I’m really not at all interested…again, a bonus of being single.  You only have to watch movies that you want to see and you don’t have to go see things that you deem “boy type” movies.  So, I go see great movies like Dear John, He Just Not That in to You, and Valentines’ Day (not yet, but on the list)!  Because I can!

Anyway, my (lack of creativity) title refers to my pandora radio station.  I have a new station called “summer patio”.  It was inspired by a trip in the fall to Jason’s Deli with Heather, Gavin, Corby and Katie.  While I was there, I noticed that they were playing some reallly great music and I made a mental note of the things I heard, came home, “added variety” to said station and it makes me so happy while I’m writing notes.  Even on a chilly, winter, February afternoon, I kinda feel like I’m sitting on a warm, breezy, sunny, beach house back porch under a pool umbrella with a glass of water and oranges!  Think about it….wouldn’t that be amazing?

I talked to a lady today who had never been to Venice and having just turned 70, she wanted to get there quick.  I offered to go and be her tour guide…I don’t think she thought I was serious, but this same radio station can take me to that place as well.  Sitting at a metal, vintage patio table in the middle of St. Mark’s cathedral or along the grand canal people watching and basking in the sun!  Oh sweet Jesus I wish I was packing my bags for Venice!