Have you seen the commercials?

Oprah has a new campaign out about the NO PHONE ZONE.  I know we all have our opinions about her and frankly, I’m a fan.  Its a show that I couldnt wait to watch growing up.  You know this is season #25 and as a 27 year old, well, I really dont remember TV years without the 4:00 spot!  I’m just saying.  I felt so grown up when I was “home” to watch her at 4.  This last season, she and her staff are being very smart about the topics they cover and one of the things I appreciate is that she uses her platform to inform us on amazing topics (I really dont know where I’m going to get all my info once she is gone!) and to do good.  And, you know I’m a big fan of any “celebrity” (be it local, national, international, celebrity, musician, minister, radio personality, millionaire, blogger, politician-whatever your role in life) using their platform as an opportunity to spread good will.

But, her latest thing is about those who text and drive and those who talk on their phone and drive.  Arkansas recently passed some laws covering both of these and while they are inconvenient (really, has it come to that?) they need to be there. 

Anyway, she recently had a show about this topic called America’s New Deadly Obession.  It was powerful and if you text, search the internet or answer emails while you are driving, you need to STOP!  I know its hard.  We have programmed ourselves with all our fancy phones (me included) to multi-task and really driving a vehicle is already the most dangerous thing I do everyday!  Well besides walking and talking with my hands!

But, we have got to stop.  I’m taking the pledge and while I can’t go all the way, I’m also pledging to use my bluetooth if I’m in the car.  And, if its dead, then I guess I wont be talking on the phone!  So, if you call, I’m sorry and if you text me, I’m sorry…but you better be walking on your feet or sitting on your bottom. 

Its serious. 

And, if I’m riding in your car and you pull your phone out, expect me to say something.  Its kinda like the lecture I got from my dad when we were all turning 16 and he told me not to ride with someone who was being careless.  Its the same thing.  The images they showed and the parents of small kids who had been run over on thier bikes on their way home from school and the girls whose dad’s had been hit head on when a 19 year old crossed the line…its not cool. 

Ask my boss, I got on her yesterday…I had emails from her before she got in the office and I know she was in the car driving down from LR. 

Ok, soapbox over…I’m just spreading the word.  Our family newsletter this year was titled “Celebrating Life” and I think if we are going to do that, it has to be more than just pulling ourselves around cancer…other things kill people too!