Well, it is pouring rain outside and I cannot walk home right now, so you get two posts for one today.

In case you have not heard this amazing success story, I wanted to connected you with another survivor.

I heard them use the word “survivor” in reference to her last week, and of course my mind went immediately to being a cancer survivor, but I thought maybe because she had fought through the competition and made it to the finals, they were using that term for her as well. (obviously I didn’t watch the auditions the night she tried out)

But, last night, I found out the truth. If you have not heard from this Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor who is married, raising a sweet little girl and after radiation treatments that she thought would leave her with a desire to sing, but not the ability..let me introduce you to this very talented singing, Texan, mommy….

(forgive me I’ve still not figured out how to put the videos in my blog without just the links..anybody wanna help? This is a youtube video of her journey to the finals)

Barbara Padillo – America’s Got Talent – or as I like to say “Survivor’s Got Talent”

I’ve had to fight so hard and now I have everything to Live for!!!

(I for sure don’t sing that well, but I sure sing that loud when I’m the car burning up the road trying to stay awake…I call it “having church” you call it what you want)