One of the things I really wanted to come back from Italy with was some art. Lucky for me, I found a couple pieces by two local artists. For my birthday, I had them framed (thanks to all who contributed) and they arrived this weekend! I just love them.

This one hangs on the wall above my couch. The picture does not do it justice. It has these awesome red and golden tones. The frame looks great against my “honey mustard” walls and with my dark furniture. It was exactly what I wanted! And, it’s from Venice!!!!!
In case you are wondering the view is looking at Chisea Saint Lucia across the Grand Canal from St. Mark’s Square. If you’ve been there, its basically on the main level by the Bridge of Sighs looking across the water. I love the little gondola guy in the front.

This is a close up of the center picture below. Its a ink drawing.
I bought it in Piazza Novana in Rome. I’m a sucker for starving artists,
especially when they are awesome

It is a view across the river of St. Peter’s Basillica. I loved how the trees in the edges of the foreground make you feel like you are standing there peering over the river yourself.

They are on the wall above my bed the pictures on each side are ones I took in the Roman Forumn. The one on the left is of the Arch of Septimus Servus and the one on the right is the Temple of Vestal, both are amazing architectural structures.
I’m excited to have empty walls with something on them that I love!