I recently received a huge honor. I was listed this past weekend in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Tri Lakes Edition, 20 to Watch in 09.

You are probably thinking the same thing I was the day I received the call. What is that? And, what does that mean? (I almost didnt even answer the phone at work, I thought it was another vendor calling to sell me something)

Well, here is my understanding as it is listed in the news paper…”section based on nominations from community leaders, Chambers of commerce, churches and everyday folks who see that these people are making their communities better places to live.”

The article that ran was great and included all the things I would have wanted pulled out. My beloved Ouachita and my faith. What better things could be said about you?

Below are some pics form the award luncheon:

Normally I would not write about myself like this, but I’ve been asked to make sure you (my blog world), know about this.
You never know who is reading this. Maybe some single guy will be impressed!
Or, just all my girlfriends..and for the record…that’s enough!
Love you, thanks for the support.