Have I ever mentioned to you how much I hate the day after a day of vacation (or a week of regional work and then a day of vacation, more specifically). Yeah, it is so hard to stay caught up.

Anyway, yesterday went good. We had a little issue in the lab and I have a bruise on my chest to prove it. But, the doctor said everything looked fine and as long as I have this port in, there will be back up and as long as there is back up, my neck will be a little puffy. So, I guess that is just part of having to learn how to “deal” with it.

We also set my next apt for late in January. I’ll do scans and see the doctor that day. He said if everything looked good, then he would look at setting up a date to take my port out!!!

That is such good news. Because that means he thinks I wont need it any more. Hello!

I did love that he asked me yesterday if I was back “running ninety to nothing”.