Ok, so I had a life lesson moment tonight and I wanted to share.

I came home to my hotel tonight from a different direction. And it got me thinking:

1. There is a different way to reach the same destination. Some are quicker than others, some are easier than others. Some make more sense and some are more involved. But, in the end, you arrive at the same destination. Think about that for a minute.

2. Last night, I traveled from North to South to get to my hotel. Tonight, I traveled West to East. When I came in from the West, I came down a road perpendicular to the one my hotel is on. I passed several restaurants and stores on the way. This is where I found my new favorite store…Gordman’s. (there has got to be one of these closer to me) Anyway, as I pulled onto the street that my hotel is on, I thought, “you know I would never have known what was down that road if I was not given the opportunity to travel that way”.

Give me a minute and let me explain. Last night, I turned on this road to find something to eat and a gas station. I went with the first thing I came to, because I was too scared to go too far down and get turned around. How much do we do that same thing. We are too scared to venture to far from the familiar, mapped out road, that we miss opportunities…I mean there was a Target, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, TGI Friday’s, Best Buy, Nail salon and boutiques this way! Had I not ventured this way tonight, I would have never known.

Now, I know this is a very weird way to get to a truth. While each of us has a point A and a Point B, there are many routes in between. Do not be afraid of the bends and the turns. Do not be afraid to take a road that you are unsure where is may lead…there just might be a new favorite store at the other end.

May you feel encouraged tonight to step out on a limb. To live in the moment. To stop and shop on your way to an appointment. To leave early so you can drive slow and take in the scenery. To eat out by yourself and take moments to reflect. I promise you will learn something. Even if it is to realize that you are surrounded my the most amazing people right where you are.

I’ve heard a quote several times and I cannot remember the beginning of it, but it ends with these words, and I will too:

“and trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be”.

Nest a little, it’s ok!