Success in life is measured by so many different things. For me, today it was measured by having fajitas and spaghetti in one day. Yeah, I have been talking about them for two weeks as I was so kindly reminded this evening, followed by the fact that I have indeed meet my weekly goals. When you work in a world of sales, you look for any measurement of success. So, go me!

On a different note, tomorrow is a big day. I will meet with Dr. Talbert and my crew at CARTI to find out what the next process will hold. I will do my best to update you tomorrow night when I get back. If you are in the business of praying…if your not, we need to talk….my family is leaving Dallas at 2:00 AM to get here and go with me. Please pray traveling mercies over them. It will be a long day. But, my sissy is coming this time….which means Teddi is coming too (that’s our dog). So, the gang will all be here.

Maybe you should pray for that too!