I was at home last night….we played…

Kinda freaky how much she (my sister) looks like me with that wig on

I just got back from Dallas for my roommate Lindsey’s wedding. While it was a quick trip, it was so much fun. I rode down with my other roommate April and her husband Derek. They let me tag along (I wasn’t much of a passenger, I slept most of the way there and back). We had the rehearsal last night and then the wedding this morning.
Lindsey is a very loyal friend and Bill is a lucky guy. She is the kind that will stand by you and support you no matter what you do to her. She is committed to her faith and to serving others. It is so weird that we are all grown up! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Reis!!!

Porter, Me, Lindsey, Ape, Buff, Jessica

aren’t my friends husbands so adorable…they were sweet to just wait around for us all day
Go Matty and Derek!

Mr. and Mrs Bill Reis

April and Derek Wingfield

Matt and Lacey Rail