I have felt so good today. I don’t really have a specific reason, I just did. It was a good day at work. I went to the Honeycomb for a Cinco de Mayo dinner with the Berry’s and then here I am. So, no reason specific, but a good day.

I have really learned to be grateful for these. It may be that since I have been so tired for 4 days straight and I’m not worn out today that I feel so good. So, I have lots to be thankful for. I work for people who are genuinely concerned about me and who see my well being as important as accomplishing what we need to everyday, if not more. I’m thankful for a staff who works hard and understands my cruel jokes that I make about “the c word”. I’m thankful for friends who continue to encourage me. I’m thankful for still having my hair. I’m thankful for not being sick. I’m thankful that my normal clothes still fit (although I am glad that they are getting a little bit looser). I’m thankful that I still have burst of energy that encourage me to clean up my room or unload the dishwasher. I’m thankful that for the most part I still like to eat and that I still like to eat the things I like. I’m thankful that I can still laugh. I’m thankful that I can still drive myself to Walmart and buy what I want ( I am however irritated that I got home with a card and the wrong envelope). I am thankful that I can drink sodas, especially Cherry Coke Zero. I’m having fun trying all kinds of new flavored water.

So, lots to be grateful for. Have you counted your blessings?