nothing much new today. Another day of sleeping. My parents left early this morning to get back for church in Irving. I got up at noon and ate some lunch then got ready. Who knew even with short hair it takes so much energy to get ready. But, I stopped by Ashton’s shower for a little bit. She got so much fun stuff. But, I was tired, so I went home. Ang had called and wanted me to go to small group with her, so I knew I needed to get home and take a nap so I could be ready. Joan came and got me and we met Randy and Angela. When I walked into the Overstreet’s house, they all said SURPRISE! They had planned a surprise b-day party for me. It was so special. I know I was not my usual spirited self, but I did appreciate it so much. All the ladies had of course made amazing food and got me the sweetest presents. It really was special. We had a great bible study about God being in control and all kids of stories in the Bible where over and over he provided. I think we over look His presence in even the small things. They prayed over me before we left and that was such a special treat. I’m back in bed and getting staff meeting notes ready for tomorrow. I have my shot at 9 and get my port put in at 2. So, off until then.