Well, well, well. Back to work. Today started like any other Monday, meetings with my staff, meetings with my team and a few brief moments behind my desk. Even though it might seem that Mondays make me crazy, I love them. I am one who likes to work with a plan and getting all my projects lined out, really helps. I’m also a huge fan of teams and see real value in how they make me personally more effective, so it is always so good to come together as both an Admissions team and an Advancement team and collaborate. Sometimes you need people with an outside perspective to give you the insight you’re looking for.

This afternoon, Dr. Kluck called and told me that Mrs. Horne had called Dr. Mendelsohn’s office and they had my results, but she couldn’t get them and he couldn’t get them without me in his office. In the second of pause that followed, I quickly responded, “so, do you want me to come over there?”. “Yeah” was given as a very quick response. So, I took a super huge deep breath, grabbed my cell phone (lesson one learned on Wednesday night), announced with my big mouth that I was headed over to the clinic and pranced, in my black high heels, myself across campus. Of course I ran into a couple people. Some that had heard and some that had not, but all realized that I was going to hear the news of a lifetime. What is this?

Dr. Kluck called in and after some digging, found the lady we were trying to reach (I love that he is so persistent. What a blessing!) I could tell after probably the first sentence was spoken that it was what we thought it could be. Some form of lymphoma. SWEET! I know that sounds weird, but at least we know now. He continued his conversation trying to find out what kind. So answer # 1 came, but we are needing two. Yeah…they don’t know that yet. So, we know it is some form of lymphoma, but we do not yet know what type. She said we might be able to find out at my appointment with the oncologist on Monday (April 7). Yeah…your math is right, that’s 7 days from today. But, you know. That’s ok. If wait until then is what we have to do, then it is what we will do. No blaming, no asking more questions, just waiting b/c that’s what we have to do.

Asking why without the “because I said so” response was not really something we got away with growing up, so I fully understand what dealing with waiting is like. You know I have a very simple faith in life in general. Although some would disagree, I’m not extremely gullible, but if something just is, it is. Black or white, one way or another. It drives me crazy when you are in a group and the total of yes votes and the number of no votes don’t add up to the total number of people voting. Maybe that mentality is helping me and maybe not, but here are some things that I do know.

1. I have a amazing support group that is surrounding me. My family, my Ouachita family, my Arkadelphia family, my girls and my friends near and far are incredible.

2. I will never be able to drink fruit punch without thinking of my CT scan and all the “Contrast juice” I had to drink.

3. I could not ask for a better staff or counselors and an administrative team. Not only do I feel supported, but totally surrounded by overly capable people!

4. God is in control.

5. There is not a better place to be than in the center of God’s will. And, while he did not cause this to happen, he allowed it to. So, for that reason I will be grateful for the opportunities ahead.

6. I now know that a small, simple, mustard seed faith can help.

7. I will wait, because that is what we have to do, to find out what all this is and what treatments we have in store.

8. I will go on doing what I know to do until I know to do something different. And, yes that does include talking and laughing and making stupid jokes.

9. My mom made a total mess of my apartment today. But, it is ok, she is on a cleaning frenzy and she is doing good things that I have been putting off for months. That lady rocks!

10. God is in control! Have I mentioned that yet?

Our prayer now changes. Well, we still pray for God’s miracles and for this to be gone. But, we also pray for this to be a very treatable form of lymphoma that has a smooth treatment and remission process. God is so good…he’s so good to me!