Two of my co-workers and I decided to travel to Southhaven, MS to see one of our girls who is in her senior play of Beauty and the Beast as Belle. She was so amazing and it was so fun to surprise she and her mom. They just could not believe we were there. All that to say, the show was amazing and I was glued from the first note.

At intermission, we were talking and I realized my neck was really stiff. That is not too weird for me. My neck is always stiff. That is where my body has collected stress since I was in high school. And, it is the side of the neck that I hurt when I went skiing in college. So, needless to say it was no big deal and nothing out of the ordinary to me. I thought I had been so into the show and had held my neck weird during the first half of the show.

I reached my left hand up to just grab my neck as I said “Man, my neck hurts”. When I did I noticed that my neck was swollen. Well, there was a spot at the base of my neck that was swollen. It was raised. That was weird. So I asked Ashlee, one of my counselors, if it looked swollen and her eyes turned into silver dollars. (She is pregnant and due in July so it was a definite mother type response.) At this point, we are in line for the restroom. All the sweet tea I drank at dinner had arrived. When she said that my neck look weird, I just started laughing. Which, if you know me was loud and we were in a school hallway. The ladies in line around us of course turned when the Wicked Witch laugh came out. Then with my big mouth just talking, they knew what was going on. I had a cardigan sweater on, so it was not hard to be able to look at it. Finally we made it to the restroom and I could see it. She was right. There was a weird spot at the base of my neck that was swollen. It felt like something full of fluid or a swollen muscle. All I could do was laugh. Weird things always happen to me. Here I am in Southhaven, MS. Three Hours from home. Half of a show to go. And, we are driving home when this is over. Also, I’m the boss out with two of my counselors, so I have to be the big girl. And, since I am usually the hypochondriac, I am also trying to make it seem like not that big of a deal.

We laughed and made so many jokes on the way home. Ashlee wanted to stop in Memphis and take me to an Emergency room, but that seemed so silly to me. I mean, my boss is a doctor. If any one is going to push on this thing and figure out what it is, he is the one that is going to do it. And, since we were leaving Southhaven after 10:30, I knew it wasn’t going to be tonight. I called mom and dad and tried to get some parent advice. It really is a hard thing to try to describe over the phone. You have to make as big a deal as you need to out of it, but when your parents are 7 hours away, you don’t want to make too big a deal out of it. Mom thought is was a colonel under my chin. Resa, my sister, got on the phone since she is trained in all this stuff and offered some advice. At this point, I’m chilling in the back seat with my Cherry coke and Tropical Mike ‘n Ike’s.

A fun trip home. Singing (and making up our own versions) all the songs from the show. We solved a lot of world problems. Laughed until my neck hurt…oh wait! And, listened to the studio version of every favorite song from American Idol. (I’m recommending a therapy group for my two road trip friends). We were tired when we got in a 1:30, and I promised them that I would find Dr. Kluck when I got into work the next day.