Today, I got the good news. At 6:40 this morning I got a Yahoo Messenger text from Dr. Kluck. All the masses were in my chest. Everything is above the diaphragm! Praise God. That is totally what we were praying for. The better and more treatable option. So that was exciting. I couldn’t sleep really after that. We were waiting to be able to call into the doctor and I knew that he and Mrs. Horne were on that. Lisa and I were going to get up at 7:30 so we could be ready to go if they called and said I could get into the doctor today.

Today is Lisa’s birthday and I am so excited that I was there at 12:00 when it turned to her birthday and that we are hanging out together just talking on her birthday. Not the way either one of us imagined it, but let’s make the best of it none the less.

Sometime after 8:00, my cell phone died and I had not thought to get the charger from my apartment the night before, so it was hard to get messages communicated around. Mrs. Horne called and said the doctor was on Spring Break, but they were going to try and still call about the biopsy. Sometime later, Dr. Kluck called and said they had me scheduled for 10:00 tomorrow. It is still so amazing to me that he and the radiologist were lab partners all the way through medical school. What an amazing little web God has weaved together! So, Lisa and I went for a big birthday breakfast at…McDonald’s. I mean where else can you get Sweet Tea at 8:30 in the morning. We had a fun breakfast and decided to just try and keep the day as normal as possible and get what we could done.

I decided to go ahead and go into work. I knew my co-workers were worried and I knew that it would make all of us feel better if we got together and talked. I cannot imagine what it feels like to know your boss is going through a major life change and you are on the outside looking in. They have been so great and so supportive. One of the great things about working for a place like Ouachita, is that the family atmosphere of the campus passes through the lines of the faculty and staff as well. I have a great group of counselors who are very hard workers and who have set themselves up to be very successful. So, I was encouraged by that, but I wanted them to be as well.

So much of this afternoon was spent talking to people and making sure the right story was going around. In a small town and on a small campus, all kinds of things start stirring. I am super optimistic and I know that God is going to use this for His glory. So, I want to live as normal a life as I can and I will not expect that God is going to do anything but to continue to work things out for good. Up to this point, we have continued to hear the good side of what things could be and that is what we will continue to expect.

My parents came up this afternoon and it was good to be together. I know it had to be overwhelming for them to have to come here for this reason and to come into my apartment that is totally set up for just me to be here (meaning I have stuff everywhere), but somehow we will manage. With dinner at the Pig Pit and our first trip to Wal-mart, our evening is complete. Tomorrow holds a new process and a new adventure.