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getting in the ditches

This month, I’ve jumped in to the conversation on mental health, anxiety and depression.  A couple things I’ve read, listened to and pondered are listed below.  Feel free to download and enjoy yourself. Presentation on DEPRESSION by Dr. Gary Oliver – Fellowship (the church I work for) has hosted a 4 week class this spring… Read More getting in the ditches


mental health link up

This month the #NWArkCares bloggers have been tackling MENTAL HEALTH.  This topic is raw and real. It means different things to different people. It’s brought inward reflection, verbal processing over coffee and some real feelings and realizations expressed for the first time. Link your posts, resources and reflections below so we can have all our… Read More mental health link up


cope with hope

Last week, I tried to be pretty candid and share about my own struggle with anxiety and previously, depression. I must have been pretty spot on because my husband had shared this Tony Evans sermon on anxiety with me over the weekend.  No, I didn’t take offense to it because I’m learning part of us… Read More cope with hope


know thyself

“you know yourself” It’s what I say every time the anxiety kicks in.  “You know why you do this. Its all in your head.” I often find myself, much like I did last week, overwhelmed, oober anxious and sick. I don’t even know its coming and it smacks me right in the middle of the… Read More know thyself


paper or plastic

Is it weird to say I’m getting really annoyed at throwing things away?  Yes, I’m cleaning out too (and donating), but I’m getting annoyed that all my trash just goes into the trash can.  It was probably one of the first points of contention in our home after we got home from the honeymoon.   I… Read More paper or plastic


Welcome back, honey!”

Remember last week, when Vicki left us hanging after….”I coded”….thanks for coming back to read the rest of the story! ———————————————————————————- SLAP! Right across the face. Why was the nurse slapping me, for crying out loud! I had been asking her and the doctor what was happening and no one would answer me. How rude!… Read More Welcome back, honey!”