dream job

I’ve developed a new pick up line.  No, no the kind that you use on the opposite sex, but the kind that makes for unique conversation. I like to consider myself a #bridgebuilder and I’m always looking for ways to connect people and connect with people….so, I’ve come up with a new punch line…. If… Read More dream job


Possibilities Hoarder

**Note – after I wrote this, I realized it was more of a self-talk moment than a moment to encourage you…consider yourself warned about the on goings between my 2 perfectly shaped ears!** Have you ever thought about what makes us hold on to things? What are the emotional drivers that make us think something… Read More Possibilities Hoarder


glass slipper wishes

To the girl in the row behind me. You celebrated your birthday tonight the best way I know how….surrounded by your girlfriends.  I heard you snicker and whisper when the dress began to unfold from the fairy godmother’s wand.  I felt the air leave the room when he turned around with the glass slipper in… Read More glass slipper wishes