if I were in a speech class

If I were a college student studying Speech Communications as I did 16 years ago, I feel like there would have been a moment this week where we would have dissected a very publicly delivered speech. We would have talked about delivery, preparation, content, and response. We would have talked about, written “feeling” responses to… Read More if I were in a speech class

Bridges, Encouragement

getting in the ditches

This month, I’ve jumped in to the conversation on mental health, anxiety and depression.  A couple things I’ve read, listened to and pondered are listed below.  Feel free to download and enjoy yourself. Presentation on DEPRESSION by Dr. Gary Oliver – Fellowship (the church I work for) has hosted a 4 week class this spring… Read More getting in the ditches


dream job

I’ve developed a new pick up line.  No, no the kind that you use on the opposite sex, but the kind that makes for unique conversation. I like to consider myself a #bridgebuilder and I’m always looking for ways to connect people and connect with people….so, I’ve come up with a new punch line…. If… Read More dream job


dear facebook

Dear John (or whatever guy is reading this at Facebook), In the regular world of business, skewing numbers to deploy your own sales scheme would be seen as inappropriate, without integrity and depending on the severity – illegal. But, you know we all depend on you.  We depend on you to know what mischief our… Read More dear facebook



I don’t know if it’s the fact that my sister and bro-in-law are away at children’s camp or the nostalgia of the summer, but I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the people that have invested in me.     A couple weeks ago, I had a pretty heartfelt convo about the amazing people that… Read More Investing


Life List

In May, the American Cancer Society will celebrate its 100th birthday. In my role with ACS, I learn more everyday about the amazing things they have accomplished in that time and more about the people’s lives they have saved.  As part of our celebration we are creating Life Lists.  What have you accomplished to date?… Read More Life List



Not much more I want to say or share than the words in this photo. Cast all your cares on The Lord for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 I always find it interesting how refreshing Facebook can be in the morning. Sometimes I have to just keep scrolling past the nonsense and sometimes… Read More Today