Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, for which I have been compensated.
This month I’m partnering with @FamilyLifeNWA for sponsored content.
While they did not require a blog post, I’ve been snooping around their site all month and found some cool things I had to share. Check out their site!

1.  There is nothing harder when you move to a new city than trying to
start over with all your appointment people. Salons, doctors, grocery
stores, and even where to get your oil changed, its all there.

2.  You know my heart is with the non profits and the have a super inclusive list of who is serving whom with what.

3.  Every week, I have a calendar item that pops up to say “anything
happening in NWA that we want to do this weekend?” It’s been there since the days that I was dating my husband. I wanted to find fun, easy dates for us to get out and about. Their weekly article takes all the guess work out of it for you.

4.  When I visit a place (any place) I love to eat local. Whether it’s my own town or
a vacation spot, I’m always looking for a dive to dine. They have all kinds of list for food destinations and feature new places frequently.

5.  Then there’s the hidden gems feature. When I lived in NWA there was
nothing I loved to do more than go discover places I heard people talk about. It’s how I found Ponca Valley, Oark and Ozark Cafes, Suzy Qs and the Lost Valley trial. This country has so much to discover and I’m thankfully to have some new spots to add to my AR bucket list.


I’m telling you if you are new to the area, stuck in a rut, working on your summer fun list or looking to visit northwest Arkansas, FamilyLifeNWA needs to be on your list of sites you bookmark and visit