I was having a
conversation with my mother in law Saturday about a picture of herself that she
did not like. 
We all have them.
Pictures that look great except for that lady in the middle or on the end or
sandwiched between those other 2 cute girls. 
As women we are often
crazy self critical. We don’t like our hair. Or our face without make up. Or
our boobs aren’t lifted enough. Or we need to loose a little weight. Or……

when he sees me - what does he see? can I see me like he sees me? @bigpittstop #newpost
I remember a valuable
lesson I learned on our honeymoon. We were sitting in our room getting ready to
leave for dinner. I had on minimal makeup. I had left my hair wet and tried to
make beach waves. I had on a sleeveless dress in March and my cheeks were sun kissed
pink. I was annoyed and ready for dinner and did not want him to keep snapping
pictures of me. 
But, when we got home
and I was going through pictures of our trip I saw it. Those pictures from that
night. I’m sure I have too many layers of self criticism layered over them like
an extra effect in photo shop. But I saw some of it. 

when he sees me - what does he see? can I see me like he sees me? @bigpittstop #newpost

That girl in the photo.
She was vulnerable. Her heart was springing with young love. Her dreams were
coming true. I hope he sees a warrior, a fighter. A woman who had learned hard
lessons about trust and obedience and all that made his beautiful wife. 
It’s the same way I
bet my father in law feels about the picture he had on his phone. She hates it
because it represents a hard time in her life. But I’m guessing to him, the
picture of her sitting on the end of an exam table at MD Andersen means a lot
to him. He sees a fighter. Someone who was deep in the battle for her life, yet
still had a big smile on her face. The mother of his children and everything
about her is imprinted on their lives. He sees someone who by her faith and the
way she lives it out spreads hope far and wide. 
But, we rarely see
any of those things because we are looking at our outfits or posture or body
shape. Let’s give ourselves the same grace goggles, we offer others, when we look at pictures of ourself. What do
other people see when they look at us?
Bravery. Honesty.
Grace. Hospitality. Kind, giving, caring spirit. Mother. Lover. Hero. Friend.