If I were a college student studying Speech Communications as I did 16 years ago, I feel like there would have been a moment this week where we would have dissected a very publicly delivered speech. We would have talked about delivery, preparation, content, and response. We would have talked about, written “feeling” responses to it, and probably changed some of the projects we were working on because of the evaluation we gave.

I’m not interested in looking at the topic or discussing the political implications. I frankly just don’t care and I’m not going there.  I don’t have time for things I can’t change or getting lost in arguments.

But, this afternoon on a drive, I was listening to a podcast that had me thinking. So, I thought I’d use this space to capture some of the mental gristle I’ve been gnawing on this afternoon.

  • It was well delivered. – simple fact
  • When people have a high expectation, give them what they expect.
  • Humor always makes a hard topic palatable.
  • When you know you will have the opportunity to give a speech, make it a good one. – Not every one in the room at the Golden Globes knew they would get to give a speech. They might have prepared thoughts in wishful hope. But, some people in the room and on the program always know they will have the stage, microphone, and attention of the crowd.
  • People will always critique you…especially when you have to deliver the hard stuff. – Do your best, think it through, pray for the results, and own your actions/comment.
  • If you find yourself in a position or power, prestige, or with a platform, use it. – Use it to express your voice. Use it to fight for social injustice. Use it to do the right thing. Use it to make your mama proud (and if necessary, embarrass your kids). Maybe I should say, use it to make your grandpa proud and not embarrass your mama.  

There are moments in life where we mess up – we say the wrong thing
from ignorance, misinformation, inexperience, or sheer stupidity. We
do the wrong thing because we didn’t know any better or in deliberation because we didn’t care.We treat others less than ourselves, judge too quickly, and walk away when we should have turned back.

If lucky, we each find moments in our life, critical moments, where we are given the opportunity to do the right right thing. May we always choose the right decision. May we honor those who afforded us the placement of power in our direction by the way we treat the moment. May we respect the platform we are given by upholding and promoting something bigger than ourselves.

With respect comes responsibility and we owe it to each other, ourselves, and the world around us to develop a legacy in every moment.

Journey on – life is hard, be flexible, enjoy the ride.


In other news, I mentioned earlier that I was listening to a podcast; The Atypical Life podcast in fact.  This is one of my guilty pleasures and should have made my 2016 Favorite Things list.  Matt and Ginny will draw you in.  The topics run the gamut from soul searching, rants about home renovations, discovery of new hair products, and I don’t even know how to describe the moments that make me snort out loud.  Anything that i listen to on the road that makes me want to pull over and take notes is worth sharing with a friend.  So, there.  Go listen to it.  Add it to your cloud for your next road trip.  Pick up at the last episode or go back and listen from the beginning.  Gotta love people who keep it real and raw!