So its that time of year.  We are finishing wrapping presents.  We are working on the order we want people to open them. We are realizing we have 1 big, high value gift for some and 3 small random things for others.

Oh the debacle!!!

What do you do? Do you go by more? Do you feel bad and apologize profusely? Do you stew about it all the way to grandmas? Do you dig around your “gift closet” or look for one extra thing when stopping at that Amish store to get breads and cheese?

What if we just let it be?
What if we bought gifts for people because its what we wanted to give them?
What if we bought gifts for people because its what was on their list?
What if we bought gift for people because we thought they would enjoy them?
What if we bought gifts because the item made us think of them when we saw it?

You know the whole idea of giving and receiving gifts at Christmas stems back to the manger. Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh – yep, that was the line up at the first Christmas gift exchange. But, they were all gift “for” the baby.  They were things that told us something about Him and told us something about those giving the gifts to Him.

What does your gift list this year say about you? Are you a domestic diva, a minimalist, practically perfect, outdoorsey, in a new stage of life, not really needing much and thankful for what you have…?

What do the gifts you are giving this year say about you? Checking the list, preparing the person for the future, personalized, helping prepare for the year to come, observant, thoughtful, diligent or on a mission, just perfect…?

And, where does grace come in? Can we spend a little more time this year just “being” with each other.

What would the gift of words look like this year?
What about a gift of time?
What about a gift of presence?

We give and receive gifts all throughout the year.  Let’s let 2017 set the precedent for being instead of doing. For spending time together instead of dollars for each other.  Let’s honor someone and the things they are committed to by donating time and $$ to their cause.  Reciprocity does not have to win the day.

Give and expect nothing in return!