Hostess with the McMostess: a little christmas gathering |

So, if you’ve known me any short amount of time, you know my heart is the most full when my counter is covered with food options, my living room is full of friends and laughter and chuckles are filling the halls. Today, my heart is oh, so, full!

Some of the first people I met in my new little town were the ladies involved with the Mary and Martha Center. As stated on their Facebook page, they are “an after school program that shows the love of Christ and provides both physical and spiritual food to children in Kindergarten – 12th grade.” For me, they are a place where I’ve made new friends and found a place to use my gifts and passions, and some really cool high school kids!

Last night, Mr. McKinney and I had my students and some of the teachers over for a little Christmas party. We had so much fun. I tried to keep the menu super simple and foods I knew they would all love (less left overs that way!)

Hostess with the McMostess: a little christmas gathering |

So, what was on the menu?

Protein – Glorified Ham sandwiches and Crockpot weenies
Dip – enchilada dip mix (the kind like you get at a craft fair and stir in to sour cream), Jarred salsa
Chips – bite size tortillas chips since we had lots to balance on our plates
Veggies or fruit if you want – we skipped these last night with a bunch of high school kids
Salty/crunchy – I made a mix of pretzels, oyster crackers, veggie straws, pumpkin spice cheerios, Pumpkin SpiceLife cereal, and white cheddar Cheez-its
Sweet Mix/Candy – Christmas Crack
2 easy finger desserts – Peanut Butter Cookies with Nutella, Nutella Cheesake Crescent Rollups
Cold beverage – Sweet Tea, Water, Mexican Punch (Peach, Mango and Guava Nectar mixed with pineapple soda)
Hot beverage- Crockpot Hot Chocolate and the Keurig was ready (coldest night of the season so far!)
How I made it an easy party and worked the day before and til 5:00 the day of the party!:
1. Two nights before make your list and buy your groceries. – see what you already have in your

cabinets and pantry and use that to build your list/menu

2. Prep all that you can the day before.
3. Leave just a few last minute things to do before your guests arrive.
4. Keep your party entertainment easy. – games in sight, TV remotes accessible, conversation easy, divide and conquer guests in each room. If you plan an organized game, make it something everyone will know or pick up easy like Christmas Scattegories, Christmas Carol Pictionary, or Balderdash.
My sweet love was all hands on deck and we had the best time with a table and couches full of

guests.  A friend of mine reminded me yesterday.  People might forget you, but they will always remember how you treated them.  Love others well! Its really what makes the world go round.

Love Others Well - its what makes the world go round! |