2016 has been a magical year for me. After many years of you reading my “take” on gratitude amidst the crazy of my world. I truly have nothing but gratitude in my heart for all this year has brought. And for 2016, that’s way more than just a man and a new last name. I’ve learned much about myself.  I’ve experienced needed Sabbath. I’ve learned what it means to slow down and say “no.” (both of which were very hard for me) I’ve cleaned out. I’ve learned how to express myself using words and not just my own reasoning. I’ve experienced love I only dream about. I’ve learned more about trusting the Lord and waiting on His promises. (it really is the only way) I’ve learned new skills.

Its been a good year. My heart wants to explode in gratitude. 

Last week I was listening to a podcast and heard the verse below and thought there was no better way to express where I am and how I feel.

gratitude 2016 | Psalm 63 @bigpittstop #newpost

May you pause in the remaining days of this year and find your gratitude. Write a note and say “thanks.” Stop at the grocery store and help someone with a buggy. Look up from your phone and smile at people. Put down your phone and snuggle on the couch (even if its just for puppy love!). Get out of your house and go for a walk, scenic drive or just to run an errand. Do something unexpected.  Bake treats for someone else. Breathe deeply and just enjoy the ride!