A year ago today, my love took a huge leap of faith and moved across the state, well really out of state, to take a promotion that was no small act of bravery. He filled a tough position that had been know to prey like a serpent. But with dogged determination he stayed after it and has made significant changes. His leadership has been proven and the culture in his workplace is shifting.

But that same drizzly morning when he pulled away from NWA to take a chance, I knew we were taking a chance too.

As an internal processor, we had had a tough month. He was pulling away and I had to let him go.

When he drove through the tunnel, my cell phone rang. With a crackled voice he shared in not so many words, that he was scared. He didn’t have to say it, I could tell. Frankly, I was scared too. I was scared that the 2 years of investing in a friendship with this incredible man was all for not. I was scared for him and the seemingly piranhas that waited. I was scared what distance would do. And I too was scared of starting over with a new normal.

But that move might have just been the best thing that happened to our relationship. We talked about it last week at dinner. What a difference a year makes. But, what a difference a chance of a lifetime makes too.

We both needed the push. We both needed the gut wrenching reality check. We needed to know what walking away from something you love feels like; something you’ve poured your whole self in to.

Intention kicked in and the corner was turned.

I’m sure this weekend will involve some burgers, maybe even a family visit. But I’m almost certain we will laugh and giggle about those really hard days and talk about what we learned and what we can continue to remember about a sad, hard, rainy day where life took a turn and a path was made way clearer.