just help a sista

Do we really have to make everything so difficult? I’ve had one of those days where I just don’t understand why we have to make it so hard to do something that should be so simple every single day.  Maybe its just me getting through a new stage of life where everything that was super… Read More just help a sista


paper or plastic

Is it weird to say I’m getting really annoyed at throwing things away?  Yes, I’m cleaning out too (and donating), but I’m getting annoyed that all my trash just goes into the trash can.  It was probably one of the first points of contention in our home after we got home from the honeymoon.   I… Read More paper or plastic


8 yrs clear

Well today was the day. The day once a year I remember I HAD cancer.  Sure, I think about it other days. Little things remind me. Someone else gets diagnosed. I have a low day. I see my scar. There are moments.  But it is guaranteed an early Friday in April, I’ll think about it.… Read More 8 yrs clear