dream job

I’ve developed a new pick up line.  No, no the kind that you use on the opposite sex, but the kind that makes for unique conversation. I like to consider myself a #bridgebuilder and I’m always looking for ways to connect people and connect with people….so, I’ve come up with a new punch line…. If… Read More dream job


how deep is ugly

…or as I like to call it, “when our heart out paces our soul”. As one who likes to combat the notion that we only put our good on social media, I want to be raw and real for a moment. This last week as been pretty ugly.  Loneliness has crept in, in the recent… Read More how deep is ugly


Possibilities Hoarder

**Note – after I wrote this, I realized it was more of a self-talk moment than a moment to encourage you…consider yourself warned about the on goings between my 2 perfectly shaped ears!** Have you ever thought about what makes us hold on to things? What are the emotional drivers that make us think something… Read More Possibilities Hoarder