Maddie’s Fridge

I’m so excited to host one of my friends from Samaritan Community Center on the blog today.  I learned about the amazing work of this organization after I moved to Northwest Arkansas.  While I support hunger efforts around the world in multiple ways, I’m continually amazed at the issue right here in my back yard. … Read More Maddie’s Fridge



Let’s be honest….you are already trying to figure out what to do with the leftovers from the ham that’s sitting on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. Well, I’m hanging out over at the Arkansas Women Bloggers today sharing my plan for ham leftovers.  And, thanks to Petite Jean Meats I had some extra, so… Read More hammies


curate crate | april 3

So, I’m giving myself a birthday present.  I’m changing my Sparkles from the Week series to Curate Crate.  I’ve not always loved the name…it was something I landed on when I needed it.  And, its still the same thing…but as I’ve been doing research lately, I discovered that what I’m really doing is curating; gathering… Read More curate crate | april 3