To the girl in the row behind me.

You celebrated your birthday tonight the best way I know how….surrounded
by your girlfriends. 

I heard you snicker and whisper when the dress began to
unfold from the fairy godmother’s wand. 

I felt the air leave the room when he turned around with the
glass slipper in his hand and dissipate as he walked toward her.

You experienced tonight the dream of every lady; young and
old, rich or poor.
You see, that’s the beautiful thing about dreams, we all
have them.  There comes a moment in each
of our lives where we experience something, whether real or make believe that
transforms us.  It takes us to a place that
makes our hearts soar, our souls fulfilled and if but for a moment….we are
experiencing a dream. And, we are loved (rag-tag dress and all).
That’s what happened to you tonight.  You experienced the fairy tale.  Yes, there was a fairy godmother.  There was a set of mice that became beautiful
white stags.  There was a ball.  There was the experience of perfection
(seriously the swing in a secret garden!), and then the deeply felt illusion that it all
Tonight was a right of passage.  A place on your journey to womanhood where
you caught a glimpse of what could be.
Don’t loose it. 
Glass Slipper Wishes | May you always remember you are enough.@bigpittstopAlways remember this moment. 
The feeling you have, right now, in the backseat of a minivan as your mom drives you
home.  The giddy conversation that will
ensue as the clock is now striking midnight and you are still bundled up in a
blanket fort eating oreos and potato chips without a care in the world. Tonight
you will fall asleep on your super-soft, overly-washed Hello Kitty pillow
case with  a big smile on your face. 
Because you experienced it.
The dream.  The
hurt.  The love.  The reality of being chosen.
You will spend the next 10 years of your life chasing
it.  Wondering if it’s true.  If it’s real. 
If it’s only for some girls and not for you.  You will be heart broken, and fall in love
again.  You will cry and laugh and
discover.  After all that’s what
adolescents is all about.
But, don’t forget what you really heard tonight.
You choose you.
You are ENOUGH just as you are.  With just what you bring to the ball.  Yes, even as a peasant girl, with nothing
special to offer, but ALL that you are.  That
will always be enough
Don’t forget to be courageous.  Don’t forget to be kind.  And, forgiveness always wins.  

May you always wear
glass slippers and enjoy bedtime whispers.
May your heart be full
and your days be light.
May love be your
banner each and every night.
May your dreams be big
and your realities be rich.
For you my dear, that
is my wish.