Whether you like puppies or horses or beer, you know that
the new Budweiser Super Bowl commercial is genius.
After you wipe the tears from your eyes while looking at
your newsfeed on Facebook, you stop and wonder, what?  There was no beer in that commercial
anywhere.  Just a cute guy who works with
horses (yes, that one usually works). 
His dog gets lost and his horses, yes, those horses, rescue him.  ITS GENIUS.
The commercial itself is genius.  
But, what was more genius was releasing it early.  Let’s be honest.  Only a handful of people will be really gathering
on Sunday to watch “the game” and the ones who are serious will probably not be
“gathering” anywhere but their own recliner with their own bag of potato chips.
But, most of the world will follow their time watching the
puppy bowl and making corn dip, bean dip, buffalo chicken dip, crock pot cheese
dip, pulled pork sandwiches, grilled burgers and brownies with watching the Super
Bowl commercials.
Water coolers everywhere will be exhausted by the talk of
who laughed, who cried and “what was the score?”.  But, lunch room conversation TODAY – 4 days
before the Super Bowl actually airs are not chatting up as much about the game,
the players, the statistics or the trash talking…they are talking about a guy
who works on a ranch and boards horses and how his cute little puppy ran away,
jumped out of an 18-wheeler, ran through the rain and the mud and almost got
eaten by a coyote on his way back home.  
For 4 days people will be talking about, sharing, commenting
on, retweeting and buzzing about the man, his dog and those horses who were heroic.
It’s genius.
Just this week, I saw an article titled “Your Sauce is not Secret”.  The sentiment of the article,
which I didn’t read every word of, drew from the concept that everyone knows
the ingredients of the secret sauce. 
Thinking you have something specific behind your branding that people do
not see it is just…silly.  But, capitalizing
on the content that you have and running with it…is genius.  Great Day Farms eggs or Tyson for instance
share recipes from followers and interact with chefs and home cooks who use
their products. Who create things from their products that they could never
dream or develop.  That’s so smart for
content development.  USE WHAT YOU
I work at a church.  I’m
surrounded by women and men who are thought propelling think tanks as they   The collective creativity and thoughts of
those around me is unfathomable and to not capitalize and capture that every
day would be silly.

and go in the hallways, white board sessions and in the lunch break room.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is this….we all knew that
Budweiser would release a great commercial on Sunday night.  We know that they understand that people
interact with people not brands.  We all
know that they get that their product is connected to everyday living.  We know it. 

But, what’s genius is that they know it.  They have clarity of who they are, what they
bring and what their customer expects. 
And, they deliver again and again. 
Bravo!  Kudos!  Because for the next 4 days, we are all
talking about the man, his dog and his horses. 
I won’t be thinking about beer.  I
wont be buying beer for Sunday night. 
But, I will be thinking about a great brand who did it well and taught
us all a lesson on the run.  This is a
beautiful moment where a great risk (releasing a commercial early), brought
great reward (6,619,450 views and it hadn’t even been posted on YouTube 24
hours when I completed this!).