They’re back.  Just a few little things I rounded up during my week.

  • A challenge from my friend Jacqueline about 10 Things EVERYONE (she gives a list) should do in 2015!
  • I got addicted to podcasts over the holidays.  Frankly, I’ve never been great at downloading them before I hit the road so I was determined in the last half of 2014 to master the podcast…now I’m addicted.  The Serial Podcast got me to and from Dallas (don’t start it if you need resolution).  But this past week, during some social media research, I came across Jay Baer and Convince and Convert.  I’m a believer, but the Social Pros Podcast pushed me over the edge to being a convert.  Perfect for thought and those in social media, content creation, brand management, or just curious what its all about.  Each week, they interview someone out there doing it and just chat about their process.  For me, the people they talk to are pros because they are doing it and have figured something out, not all of it!
  • Last weekend while in OKC, we celebrated one of my dear friend 39th birthday (yes, the real one, but its not like its the last time we will celebrate her 39th birthday!).  We had her special celebration night at Packards in downtown OKC.  Loved it.  Loved the atmosphere, loved the story, loved that they locally source, loved the customer service and loved the menu.  Not sure when I would get back down there, I was certain to make sure I had an experience my flavor palette would not soon forget.  I was having a hard time deciding what to get because there were homemade cheese boards involved, including homemade Pimento Cheese.  That just about makes any decision super easy for me  (especially when the ingredients are locally sourced!)…but there were other things on the menu as well.  I proposed a new menu option that would get me everything I wanted.  The waiter asked and the chef obliged.  I was grateful.  And, in turn…I will send everyone of you their way!  Worth the drive if you are in the area!
  • In reference to the food suggestion above, we also had a Roasted Brussels Sprout appetizer while we were there.  I’m kinda obsessed with Brussels Sprouts and theirs were cooked with cashews, Fresno chilies and bacon and then spun around in homemade caramel before they presented them to us.  (yes, take a moment….)  While I don’t have that recipe, I do have this one for Roasted Brussels from Taste of Arkansas courtesy of The Park Wife and they have bacon too!
  • I had thought about doing something similar, but my friend Talya is committing to 52 handwritten notes in 2015.  Remember when used to sit down and gather cards and write out words with our fingers?
  • For those who are in the social media land, curious about the analytics of said land, or just wondering if there is a way to find out anything more, I ran across something new last week.  As their title says, is “analytics for everything”. And it has proven to teach me several things about the work I do every day.  And validate the work I do in my head!  How effective is a hashtag…let them show you! (its really good if you are at that “evaluation” time of year…show them how awesome you are)
  • Finally, if you are not doing so – follow @chateaugudanes on instagram.  I fell upon this account over Christmas break and I enjoy the beautiful photos from this couple renovating a French Chateau.  I rarely follow anyone on instagram that I do not know in real life, but I’m already planning a trip in my head to visit my “long lost cousin”.  (I very convinced she lives here!)