Maybe this is my attempt at setting myself up or giving myself a little space, but I really want to be fully present over the next couple weeks while I spend some quality time with my folks.  Oh sure I’ll be thinking (do I ever really stop?)  I’m might even do a little crafting.  Maybe some dreaming.  I’m sure lots of talking and setting myself up for 2015.  But, I feel so much pressure when I’m not working at work to be working on my blog, my personal work.  And, this year as I’ve learned so much about grace, extending and receiving, I’ve learned that I need to show myself a little more than I have become accustom to. 

Step 1 is saying its ok to not post.  Its ok to just be.  Be where ever I am.  If I write, great.  If I instead get ahead, even better.  Or, if I do nothing but sit on the couch with my dad and leave my phone in the other room and actually watch commercials…its ok!

So, here’s to enjoying all the moments the next few weeks bring.  Here’s to finding simplicity in making memories, reading a book, going for a walk, dreaming about the year ahead and spending some quality time with KP.

I do love a little Instagram, so I’m sure I’ll be posting there and snarky never goes away…that’s what Twitter is for!