I shared this earlier in the week on social media, but I’m sharing it here.  For my memories.  And, because the words are still in my heart.

In college, we all have our place and our people.  They are who make our experiences rich and who fill our days with memories.  I worked in the athletic office at Ouachita Baptist University during college.  I met the men who’s names line the trophy cases and Hall of Fame boards.  The guys who hold records from “back in the day” and who accomplished the banners that hang from the stadium rafters.  They are some great men, men who know what drive and determination can do to a soul.  Men who fought battles on grassy hills and flat plains. 

My beloved Tigers won a pretty big game last weekend at “the school across the street”.  It was an epic win.  The greatest season in a history that began in 1895.

And, as the week has gone on, so many more accolades have been added.  So many things for those in the Ouachita family to be thankful and grateful for.

On Thursday, as I ate leftover Chinese food at my desk, I almost choked on rice as I read the words of the infamous Rex Nelson.  His words are always Southern Fried, but when they talk about my beloved Tigers, they taste so sweet.

He relays the fullness of the day and mentions some men who shaped my life too.  Men, we all loved and respected.  And, who we hold so close in our hearts.

Whether you like football or not, I challenge you to read the tale.  Whether you even know where Arkadelphia or Ouachita Baptist University are or not, let me encourage you to take a moment.  Whether you know the men or the places mentioned, I assure you, you can relate.  And for pete’s sake if you want to hear a tale of so much to be thankful for..read and breathe in every word.

Tears at 10-0

That Rex Nelson has a gift…a gift he learned while being a Ouachita tiger!