Oh to something new!

So, sometime last month.  Or maybe even the end of the month before that, I was pulled into a group who was jumping in to a book.  Now, I’ve always wanted to be a grown up who was part of a book club!  And, when I heard the opportunity was presenting itself, I jumped.  I wasn’t completely sure what I was jumping in to, but I jumped. 

Part of the new freedoms that life has brought is the freedom to have some down time to do a little reading.  So, I hacked my dad’s Amazon Prime account and had me a book in a few short days!

The NWA Questers, as we are called, jumped in to The Happiness of Pursuit.  Chris Guillebeau jumps into his second book with a challenge, so self-discovery conversation and a shared the story of some fellow questers while trying to prove several points.

I’ll admit, the book got a little redundant.  But, I found plenty to underline, several things worth tweeting and lots to discuss. 

Unlike normal, I didn’t realize there were appendices and extra recaps in the back.  They might have made reading the book much quicker (I was the Cliff Notes girl!).  I didn’t get through all of it, but I had half under my belt, enough to feel confident to present myself at the book discussion night.

We had a fantastic time and of course as a dreamer would do, I started thinking…thinking about what I could quest on.

Frankly, the thought of a real quest, like the ones in the book just stressed me out.  I was in the middle of planning a fundraising event.  I’m trying to read through a book with a group of gals and I’m still trying to manage the everyday of a new job.  Not asking for sympathy, just realizing that I can’t do or be everything.

Oh, but I can dream!