So, we went there.

We dug deep.  We hurt.  We healed.

We looked at the struggle with security and insecurity.  We looked at infertility and the struggle with too much. 

In all of the moments, we thought about ourselves.  We thought and wondered if we’ve struggled with the same thing.  We were curious to find that someone has “overcome” something that we are struggling with. 

I struggled myself to figure out what to write.  I had many prompts in my head but part way through I realized that I hadn’t really “overcome” them.  Maybe I’m in the process of “overcoming” but I’ve not yet arrived.

One of my contributors in the process mentioned that we all struggle with “heart pains”.  Things we get up every day and put aside.  Things that we will struggle with for the rest of our lives.  But, as I’ve journeyed through this, I’ve been reminded that overcoming is a daily decision.

There are plenty of things in our life that we will feel like we have never overcome – many of them were mentioned this month and many were kept in our heart.

Use the lessons these friends have shared.  Their mantras and their quotes.  Adopt the ones that will determine your heart to push through.

Going back to the song that inspired this series.  Overcomer – For the Billboard charting week of September 14, 2013, Overcomer was the No. 29 album sold in all of the United States via the Billboard 200, and it was the No. 1 Top Christian Album as well with over 12.000 copies sold in its first week. The album has sold 140,000 copies in the US as of July 2014.  (according to Wikipedia)

Its clear that being an overcomer is something we all relate to. 

Live.  Love.  And be bigger than your demons.

Life is WAY too short to restrict yourself by your own personal feelings on what’s holding you back.