So, as I read, I dreamed.  I keep telling myself its perfectly normal to read any book with a pen and highlighter in your hand.  That most people write in the margins and when asked a question, they answer them (right there in the book).

So, as I read our little book, I made a list in the front, things I might consider a quest…or questing for:

  • take pictures in the same spot of all 4 season (a place or moment that’s special to me)
  • 12 month quilt – square/month – represent where I am, mood or holiday – defining moment, hand crazy quilt, learn new stitches, words
  • outline/begin working on a book I’ve been putting off
  • photograph the alphabet
  • a photo a day – everyday at the same time  – journal through a separate instagam account with 1 word descriptions
  • write a letter to a person you don’t know who’s birthday is today – read about them- send them a message – introduce yourself and your quest – ask them to send something back, do something with the collection of items
  • try a different drink at Starbucks until you’ve tasted everything – even those weird “not on the menu” items
  • cook a series of somethings on Pinterest – actually try the recipes
  • find the perfect red lipstick
  • find my signature nail polish for each season
  • determine my “walk up song”
  • perfect the chocolate chip cookie

Yep, those are the things I came up with. 

As we talked and as I read, I really began struggling with the difference between a goal and quest. 

Honestly, I’m still not sure, but I’ve also discussed some of my obsessive nature for the details and I realized that I just had to give myself the grace and the space to just be and discover.  For me, that’s the quest. 

Chris, the author, defines a “quest” by a few things – a quest:

  • clear goal and a specific end point
  • presents a clear challenge
  • requires a sacrifice of some kind
  • often driven by a calling or sense of mission
  • requires a series of small steps and incremental progress toward a goal
  • Summary: a quest is a journey toward something specific, with a number of challenges throughout (pg 16)

He also makes a clear, bold statement on the facing page – “you must become a better person than you were before you started”.

I like(d) the thought of questing and I like the thought of having a journey.  I just know my heart even has heavy palpitations as I type these words. 

So, for now.  I chose the last idea on the list.  It seemed heavy enough a task for me to jump on.  Its timely to this part of the year.  It felt substantial enough to really be something I could jump in to and frankly the biggest consequence at the moment will be my waist line. 

So, I’m jumping in.  With both feet.  I’m going to probably over think it.  I’ll get way too nerdy and maybe I’ll be serving or taking cookies to every party this holiday season.  But, I’m curious.  Is it possible to make the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie? 

Follow along with me #cookiequest!