So, since we are looking for the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie.  (and by we, I mean the voices in my belly) I thought I would jump off into a little rant about the specifics of “perfect”. 

Perfect is subjective. 

Not just when it comes to cookies, but always.

Think about it.  My “ideal” or perfection is simply that, mine!  I get to decide what’s best.  I get to decide what I want over something else.  I get to decide what makes something better than another.  My perfect is perfect for me.

Yes, I’m talking about more than chocolate chip cookies here!

We all find ourselves trying to find perfection.  The perfect hair cut.  The perfect car.  The perfect job.  Being the perfect girlfriend, daughter, husband, wife, mom, friend….. Being or finding perfection is something we are all obsessed with, but frankly never achieve.  I think it comes back to that comparison thing.  Obviously something has to have another thing to be perfect.  But, my version of perfect may not be yours.  Its why you can order your steak differently.

I never understood why my Papa always prefers to have his anything (biscuit, toast, cookie) be a little on the hockey puck side.  I remember eating breakfast at his house growing up and he would make toast on a charred black cookie sheet.  He would smear butter on the bread and then put it under the broiler.  He made it “perfect” for me.  But, it was his perfect.  I loved it and would love to sit down with him right now and have a piece of toast (maybe I’ll do that on his birthday tomorrow).

But, his perfect doesn’t satisfy me.  It doesn’t even please me outside of the fact that its him and when you are 95, you know how you like a perfect piece of toast. 

So, for the sake of my experiment, I’m going for my perfect.  What’s perfect for me may not be your preference or tantalize your taste buds.  We can work on that.  I’ll try to share my reasons for why and why not.  But, let me challenge you. 

Discover your perfect.  Not someone else perfect.  Or being perfect because that’s what someone will think is perfect.  Discover your perfect.

And, be comfortable with what you choose.