#cookiequest: Prediction

So, with all research in hand (that was last week), I decided a true experiment needed a real HYPOTHESIS (that was always my favorite part of science classes, making an educated guess and seeing if it was right). My prediction for now, for the variable ingredients that will make the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie (still… Read More #cookiequest: Prediction


Tigers in Overtime

I shared this earlier in the week on social media, but I’m sharing it here.  For my memories.  And, because the words are still in my heart. In college, we all have our place and our people.  They are who make our experiences rich and who fill our days with memories.  I worked in the… Read More Tigers in Overtime


#cookiequest: Research

Yes, I made even making a chocolate chip cookie, nerdy! I mean I cant just jump off into the abyss of chocolate chip cookieness without some education. 1.  The Google Search So, I searched and researched a few topics and kept coming back to the same answers (which frankly is a really good way to… Read More #cookiequest: Research


#cookiequest: Perfect

So, since we are looking for the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie.  (and by we, I mean the voices in my belly) I thought I would jump off into a little rant about the specifics of “perfect”.  Perfect is subjective.  Not just when it comes to cookies, but always. Think about it.  My “ideal” or perfection… Read More #cookiequest: Perfect



Oh to something new! So, sometime last month.  Or maybe even the end of the month before that, I was pulled into a group who was jumping in to a book.  Now, I’ve always wanted to be a grown up who was part of a book club!  And, when I heard the opportunity was presenting… Read More Questing

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Missed one of the entries….well, I just think that’s a shame!  So, here’s a full list of all the #overcomer stories from the series this month: OVERCOMER Series Kickoff Dave Shrein – security Laurie Marshall – grief Abby Turner- defeat Holley Gerth – infertility Jacqueline Presley – people-pleasing Amanda Farris – pettiness and plans Jen Boyle – comparison Greg… Read More OVERCOMER: recap