This month, I decided to do something different.  I’m inviting a few friends over to hang out for the whole month.  I mean, “virtually” we all know each other right? 

When I think of October, I think of 2 things: pumpkins and pink.  Over the last couple years as Robin Roberts “made her mess, her message“, we all looked on as Mandisa’s song, OVERCOMER became synomous with the breast cancer fight.

But being an OVERCOMER, and Mandisa’s song, are way more than just fighting breast cancer.  Each day, we all get up.  We work through morning routines, traffic, water-cooler talk, feeding screaming kids, combing matted hair, deadlines, spreadsheets, lies in our minds, grocery shopping, balancing personal life and work demands, a busy schedule, insecurities, wrinkles, age spots, demanding friends, and the list goes on.  We all have our own set of life circumstances that we have found ourselves chained to and burdened with.

But, we are all OVERCOMERS; something has been in our path and we have moved beyond.  We have said no to the lies, to the past, to the hurts, to the loss, to regret and have embraced the power and clarity that comes from living on the other side.  Of realizing adversity makes us stronger, that valleys make mountain views more magnificent, that when boxing gloves might mold to our hands are peeled away we are left with the joys of a paraffin treatment.  Much like a well worn coffee table, the scars and bruises tell a story of a life well lived.

This month, I’ve invited my guest to all answer the same questions. 

  • 1 word of the thing you’ve “overcome”
  • What was you’re “turning

  • 5 word life mantra
  • Quote you live by
Pretty simple right?  You try it.  Until we get to Friday and meet our first friend, I ask you the same 4 questions.