Oh what do I say about this lady?  Jen has become a dear friend since our pre conversation before her interview with the American Cancer Society.  I knew from our first conversation that we would be friends.  She is a fighter and warrior in many ways.  But, the way she puts herself aside to fight for the causes she believes in will always move me.  She is teaching me more and more about loving and respecting introverts in my life.  She is giving me hope in dreaming again.  And, I’m so thankful she pushed herself and jumped into my world.  Ever so grateful. 

An Overcomer for sure.  My gal, Jen!

  • What have you OVERCOME? Comparison
  • What was your turning point? As a young girl, my dad always used to tell me there would be people who had more than me and people who had less than me.  And at the age of 11, this was easy.  Some girls had more clothes than me and some girls had less clothes than me and that was that.  But then we get older and we have more stuff and the lines get blurry.  And it wasn’t until I was starting over at the age of 40 that I realized that my stuff is enough.  In fact, it’s more than enough.  I started to see the beauty in what I had – not in what I was missing.  In the every day gifts that come to us all every hour on the hour, but we often don’t recognize them because we’re too busy trying to get more or figure out who has more and so on.  My white picket fence can look different than yours and it will and I’m really good with that.  It’s me.  Its a bit woobly and needs to be painted and it’s mine.  And I’m happy. 
  • 5 word life mantra
    – It is what it is.
  • Quote you live by
    – Comparison is the thief of joy.  – Theodore Roosevelt
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And, because we love birthdays around here, I’m excited to help Jen celebrate her mom!