Heidi was always the girl behind the Great Day Farms brand to me.  I know that’s not her full job and more importantly, not all of who she is.  I met Heidi at the AWBU conference last fall and have enjoyed seeing the vulnerability of her heart over the last year through her blog and other social media platforms.  This year at the conference we discovered our mutual stint in good ‘ole Arkadelphia and apparently her pops is one of my co-workers.  There are just those moments in life where the world continues to get smaller and smaller as its segments all collide.

Here’s Heidi.  A gal who gets it.  She gives herself to the greatness and creativity of her work, to the cutest little guys you will ever see and to making an impression much bigger than herself!

  • What have you OVERCOME? Myself
  • What was your turning point? I was miserable in my late 20’s- thing after thing had gone wrong in my life outside of my control- from a husband’s job loss and having to go on WIC, the discovery we had a special needs child, post-partem depression and having to move from my dream home because of finances… Life had become very difficult. I made good decisions but unfortunately we aren’t in control of everything and everyone around us and that was a harsh wake up to reality. I decided that I had to change how I was thinking or I’d never be happy. Life is a choice, I chose to be happy in spite of my circumstances and to live life intentionally, pushing myself past my comfort zone. It’s been a terrifying few years, especially being led to go back to work to help with finances, but I’ve never felt God’s presence more intensely. The turning point was really realizing that I’m not in control and to be thankful and grateful for every little good thing in my life.
  • 5 word life mantra
    – Be intentional with your life.
  • Quote you live by
    – God doesn’t call those who are equipped, He equips those who are called. 

Connect with Heidi:

Blog – www.TheBusyNothings.com

Email – TheBusyNothings@gmail.com 

Twitter – @TheBusyNothings

Instagram – @TheBusyNothings