OVERCOMER: Debbie Arnold

Where do I begin with one.  Debbie is a friend that came in to my life when I moved to NWA and connected with the Arkansas Women Bloggers.  She works tirelessly to help maintain the community that we have all come to appreciate.  Beyond that, she just loves.  She started her blog as a gift to her kids to leave all her recipes.  But, her love of cornmeal, heirloom tomatoes and hole-in-the-wall restaurants is something the rest of us get to relish! (see what I did there?!?!)

Love her and I love that she pours into the rest of us from the life she has lived so well.

  • What have you OVERCOME? Heart pain (I needed two words!)
  • What was your turning point? Overcoming is a daily desire.
  • 5 word life mantra
    Let go. Let God.  Don’t take it back.  (I’ve never, ever in my life just used 5 words!)
Connect with Debbie:

After Debbie sent me her response, we carried on a series of email conversations.  I told her I still hadn’t written my piece for the series yet because I was struggling with deciding on the thing I’ve actually overcome. (vs. the thing I’m overcoming) And, she responded in her own words.  “Heart pains are something we overcome everyday.”  They are the vulnerable spots where Satan gets a stronghold and always seems to have the perfect timing for causing that hurt to become overwhelming.  Our faith in God is what closes the gap.  The details don’t matter, the daily commitment to move forward is what’s important.   

So, here’s to the daily conquer!

3 thoughts on “OVERCOMER: Debbie Arnold

  1. Yes to overcoming things everyday. It seems like when I feel like I've mastered something…it creeps back in. I agree that once you get a handle on something once, you've overcome it…even if only that one day.

  2. I truly believe that overcoming is a constant part of my life. I also believe that it's a blessing, not a burden. My heart pains, while different from yours, are helping me become more and more dependent upon God's plan for my life. While I may struggle with that "blessing" from time to time — or more often than I am willing to admit—I do know that it is in my reclamation that I feel closest to and more dependent upon my Father.

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