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Brittney was one of my babies at Ouachita.  I’ve always admired how confident she is and how she just owned a stage anytime she stepped on it.  (I mean, the strong sisters have to stick together) I loved when she went off from Ouachita and got her Master’s in communications and focused on blogging; the first I knew personally to study the topic.  She probably doesn’t even know this, but one of her Ouachita professors and I would chat about how proud we were of her and I would kinda nerd out on the topic.  She gets community, but she gets blogger community.  She loves to contribute and is willing to be an “early adopter” and share her wisdom and knowledge with the rest of us.  Its no surprise to those to know her that the thing she has over come is what she chose!  She is a fighter and I love this girl.  I just decided its time for me to take a trip to Bulldog country!

I share with you, Razorback Britt…

  • What have you OVERCOME? Convention

  • What was your turning point? I’ve been on a healthy living journey for several years now.  However, in my mind, success was a pretty conventional thing – hit a “goal weight”. I was wrecking myself trying to do the things I thought would mean I was successful. I tried running faster, working out harder, losing more weight.  My turning point was when I broke up with the scale and redefined success.  Success to me now means doing things that make me happy.
    That includes treating my body right, but that also means giving myself grace.
  • 5 word life mantra
    Make choices just for today.
  • Quote you live by
    Your happiness depends on you. Don’t let anyone else take that from

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