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#AWBU introduced me to many new friends.  Its amazing when you are part of a community of women that you mostly only know “virtually”.  Then, you gather, once a year meet for the first time.  You even see names and faces that are only faintly familiar.  And, during the course of 3 days, you get to know people.  Like know them.  What they like on their pizza.  What their go to late night snack is.  What they look like in their glasses and without their make-up on.  Yea that kind of know each other.  Well, Amanda is one of those gals.  A chick I added to my instagram feed and blogs I drop by often.  I’m loving getting to know her more and share her with you!

So, let me introduce you to my new friend, Amanda!

  • What have you OVERCOME? Pettiness and Plans
  • What was your turning point? Plans- what a funny thing. I’m a planner by default but I’ve learned and am constantly learning that MY PLANS are not always HIS PLANS- but that HIS plans are much better! Just Roll With It! And talking about pettiness- I’ve learned that there is not much that is worth getting upset about. Don’t Get Mad- Be Easy Going- and Practice Forgiveness. Life is short- don’t waste time on petty things. Keeping perspective is a powerful thing. Enjoy!
  • 5 word life mantra
    – Embrace Grace- Live the Adventure!!
  • Quote you live by
    – Nothing worth anything comes easy.

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