Honestly, an October Overcomer celebration would NOT be complete without a celebration of Allison.  She is more than a fighter.  She is a pink boxing glove wearing warrior.  This gal came into my life during my last year at the American Cancer Society as she joined the ACS Northwest Arkansas board.  Her smile is contagious.  Her warrior spirit is evasive and she is just down right one rocking chick.  Allison is a cancer survivor.  She’s been featured in Essence magazine and among the Proctor and Gamble Early Detection mouthpieces.  She will tell you to squeeze your boobs and squeeze them often.  Even after reconstruction surgery, she found another spot recently and quickly acted.  As a young 20 year old, she has had the luxury of having life put in perspective and she knows that these faces that look like the one she sees in the mirror do not always like to be vulnerable and face the realities of life.  For her, pink is more than a color – its a lifestyle!

Allison is a warrior, a fighter and WAY more than an Overcomer.  She lives life on the other side or victory…that’s a rare glance than only a few view with nostalgia goggles.

  • What have you OVERCOME? cancer

  • What was your turning point? Finding myself in Christ! After being saved, my life changed for the better! No my life isn’t perfect, No I’m not perfect but God changed my heart so my desires and intentions are good! I am now more loving, full of joy and I am able to deal with the issues of life so much better…So grateful!
  • 5 word life mantra
    LIVE the Life YOU LOVE! So many are just existing and not truly LIVING! LIVE every day to the fullest!
  • Quote you live by
    I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

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